2023 OHI Assessment

The OHI 2023 global assessment includes scores from 2012 to 2023 for 220 coastal countries and territories.

This marks our 12th year of calculating the global Ocean Health Index. The average 2023 Index score was 73 out of 100. Average Index scores have not dramatically changed over twelve years, which could be expected at a global scale. However, some individual goals and regions have had significant changes. You can now download 12 years of data which makes the OHI a very useful resource for exploring changes in the sustainable use of ocean resources over time.


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The downloadable dataset includes global and country index scores as well as the goal scores and components used to calculate the scores (see score metadata for a description of the data).

Every year we improve the Ocean Health Index by incorporating new data, knowledge, and feedback. In order to make scores comparable among years, we recalculate previous year’s results using the most recent methods and data.

To learn more about the methods used to calculate the scores select the METHODOLOGY TAB for a general overview and the GLOBAL METHODS for a detailed description of the OHI global methods.



In the interest of transparency and to promote scientific discovery that builds off our methods, we freely provide the data and scripts used to calculate the global Ocean Health Index. However, we do not provide unaltered data obtained from other sources, to obtain these data you must go the original data sources.

Extra materials we use to calculate scores are available from these locations:


We enthusiastically support the use of our data, but please cite our work.

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